Spanish Courses  Academic Year (1-9 months)

Improve your level of Spanish, step by step, throughout the year.

The Spanish Course Academic Year is perfect for foreigners who live, work or study in A Coruña and want to improve their knowledge of Spanish combining their studies of the language with daily duties and activities.

In the Spanish Course Academic Year we work all the skills necessary to master the language focusing on listening and speaking, which are key to get on in day-to-day life, but without forgetting grammar and vocabulary.

The Spanish Course Academic Year allows students to sign up for the course any time of the academic year ( between September andJune) and combine work or studies with the learning of Spanish.


Our approach to the Spanish classes is mainly communicative and by tasks, encouraging  learning through the real use of the language in the classroom.

The Spanish classes of the Academic Year Spanish Course take place in the morning and/or in the afternoon, depending on the level of the students and the courses available at the time.

Our Spanish classes are dynamic and are taught in small groups, which allows all students to participate actively, interacting with their classmates and the teacher.

  • Levels: A1 – C2
  • Starting date: flexible
  • Length: 1 month minimum
  • Small group classes 3 t 6 students*
  • Price: from 88 €
  • Registration:45€
* If we do not reach the minimum number of students required, we will offer other options for the course as indicated in the General Conditions .
2 hours
88 €
3 hours
126 €
4 hours
160 €